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Tegerin Roberts


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Tegerin Roberts graduated in Graphic Design from

Kingston University, London.

His work is greatly influenced by the mountains and quarries of North Wales, where his forefathers lived and worked. 

He captures the patterns made by both man and nature on the landscape, using a wide range of mixed media. 

Some of his work is influenced by precise places, while other work is an amalgamation of different locations and memories, all creating a feeling of longing for a way of life and work which is long gone, as well as a map of marks and impressions that have been inflicted onto the landscape.


I predominantly use the medium of pen and ink with the detail and the building up of shadows and depth with straight lines”.  The actual sizes of the pictures vary enormously. They all, however, no matter how large or small, contain the same singularly detailed and minute focused attention that I feel has become my hallmark.