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tidal pot

22 cm W x 19 cm H


"Nature and nurture are intrinsic qualities in the ceramic forms of Beverley BellHughes.

Her forms are pushed and pulled, squeezed and eased into shapes reminiscent of natural objects and patterns, be they shells, seaweed, stones or the ripples left by the receding tide on a sandy beach.

But it is not the references to nature which immediately spring to mind, but the great desire to touch, to handle the pieces, to explore their surface, to ferret out their corners and discern how the maker has nurtured the piece, fashioned it into her own".

 Beverley Bell -Hughes's  ceramics are  exhibited in  various galleries at home and abroad ,and are in public and  private collections.

sand pocket

23 cm W x 13 cm H

sea crib

440 cm L x 25 cm W x 20 cm H